Trinity Telco
Multiple Telephone Numbers on One Phone! No Data Plan Required and No WiFi required! No SIM cards! It is not VoiP either. Clone Your Phone
Pricing from $10/month /Telephone Number


Trinity pricing is simple. Consumer numbers are $10 US per month and Business Numbers are $20/month. Business numbers get more feature availabilities and functionality.

When you pre-pay annually(recommended for BEST Price!)  for your subscription get a discounted rate! 

Twin and Triple Trio Plans   are fabulous. When you get any Trinity number  you can share the APP and calling and receive calls from a second or third mobile phone to utilize the service too. Plus a 2nd and 3rd email address can also receive the voice mail to email messages! Great for couples, co-workers partners and work teams.


Our App screen displays 5 + plus default telephone number buttons as seen below. Add 5 incremental telephone numbers into our call management tool screen. Upload your own photos to personalize our APP's buttons on your cell phone to replace the default Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Purple ones as shown below....



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