Trinity Telco
Multiple Telephone Numbers on One Phone! No Data Plan Required and No WiFi required! No SIM cards! It is not VoiP either. Clone Your Phone
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Reseller and Partner Presentation

Radio Ad Audio Trinity Phones App

Private Label and White Label Trinity

API Training Introduction

Trinity for Utilities and Municipalities

SMS Text Message Database Assembly

Human Resources and Office Procurement Mgrs

Online JTC Form Entry 

Margin Builders of Trinity and Private Label

Call Center and Data Entry in an App Solutions

Statement from Ad agency of Record

Testimonial from Joseph Sugarman

Disruptive Technology A Game Changer

Meet our President and Founder of Trinity Mobile Application Technologies Inc.

Douglas G. Edwards via a video chat. To arrange a personal video chat via Apple iOS Facetime or Google's Duo for Android video calls just email and provide your name, email address and mobile cell telephone number and I would be pleased to have a chat with you to discuss why Trinity Phones APP is better than all the competition including better than T-Mobile's Digits and Rogers Unison service.

You can also TEXT me at 416-271-7752 to arrange a video telephone call. See the chart below which details the difference between Trinity Phones App and the competition....

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We are Canadians and North Americans too and we are revolutionizing the mobile telecommunications industry with our Trinity Phones App!

San Francisco and Silicon Valley is the heart of the mobile app industry and one of our favorite cities.

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