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Trinity Mobile Application Technologies Inc. Trinity Mobile Application Technologies (Trinity Telco) collects both “Personally Identifiable” and “Non-Personally Identifiable” data and this Privacy Policy explains how this data is treated. We use methods like Cookies and Web Beacons to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue without changing your settings, we’ll assume that you agree to this. This Privacy Policy also applies to data related to CPNI (Customer Propriety Network Information). CPNI is a term used in our industry and relates to voice services. It includes things like, length of calls, the phone number the customer called and similar information related to the voice call. Under the law, Trinity Telco takes necessary measures to protect such CPNI data. This Privacy Policy doesn’t cover the privacy policies of other companies that Trinity Telco may interact with but doesn’t control, for example, third party vendors, contractors, advertising partners, etc. Non-Personally Identifiable data: Similar to other sites, Trinity Telco collects non-personally identifiable data, for example, language, browser type, time, website navigation and referring site. From time to time, Trinity Telco may release aggregate level reporting on such data. Personally Identifiable data: Visitors to our website and users of our Apps and Services may need to provide Personally Identifiable data; for example IP Address, IMEI address of the device where the Trinity App is downloaded or information needed in order to provision our Service. Other activities that may lead to the collection of such data are, for example, entering promotions, sweepstakes, participating in surveys, commenting via Twitter, Blogs and other Social Media communication. Safeguard of Personally Identifiable data: Trinity Telco will only disclose such data to its employees, contractors, partners and vendors, for the purpose of delivering Trinity Telco’s service. Also, these entities will not share this data with outside third parties. Some of Trinity Telco’s employees, contractors, partners and vendors may be located outside your home country. By interacting with Trinity Telco, you consent to having this information transferred outside your home county. If required by law, Trinity Telco will provide such Personally Identifiable data to the appropriate authorities. Trinity Telco may also disclose such data, if Trinity Telco, in good faith, believes that such disclosure is necessary to protect the rights of Trinity Telco, third parties or the public at large. Account Administrative Messages: In addition to Marketing Type Messages (where the customer has the option to opt out), Trinity Telco may also send out Account Administrative Type Messages (which do not have an opt out option). Personally Identifiable Data will be used for such communication. Examples of Account Administrative Type Messages include (but are not limited to), service announcements, price changes, terms of service changes, account status updates, etc. These messages can be delivered by a variety of methods, for example, e-mail, text message, call from customer service, etc. ADS: Any Ads appearing on our website or app, maybe delivered by us or our advertising partners. These Ads may use cookies etc. to recognize you and provide better service. For example, the information gathered may be used to send you more targeted advertisements. This Privacy Policy only covers Trinity Telco but not the privacy policy of such advertisers. Changes to the Privacy Policy: Trinity Telco reserves the right to periodically change its Privacy Policy. Users, visitors and customers are encouraged to frequently check this page for the latest information. Continued use of Trinity Telco (website, app, services, etc.), after any privacy policy change, constitutes an acceptance of any such change.
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