Trinity Telco
Multiple Telephone Numbers on One Phone! No Data Plan Required and No WiFi required! No SIM cards! It is not VoiP either. Clone Your Phone
Govt., Towns, Clubs, Public Utilities

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Associations, Municipalities and Membership Organizations can utilize Trinity for their united memberships.

Private ISPs, ILECs, Satellite and Cable TV Providers are experiencing revenue & subscriber base declines...

Reasons Why?
a) Consumer preference for Mobile services

b) Rise of Android Box displacing Cable TV services

c) Competitive VoiP services threaten land line ILECs

d) Cloud PBX services threaten VoiP providers


Municipal Public & Private Utilities are experiencing demands for lower costs!

Reasons Why?

a) Municipal full cost recovery no longer subsidizing

b) Old infrastructure in cities need replacement

c) Smart meters & Time of Day usage Rates to encourage conservation

d) North American above ground and below ground infrastructure grids for natural gas pipelines, electrical, telephone and water pipelines need modernization

e) Taxpayer rebellion and “corporate-like” cost accountability


Associations using Trinity private label and their own brand of our telephony mobile app have the functionality of customized email communications to their membership. Members receive their missed calls in audio mp3 audios files in an Association branded email. See above for an example...


5 Reasons Why You should have Trinity for Your Asssociation or municipal utility


Incremental monthly recurring revenue stream plus adds value for their subscribers both consumer residential and business B2B clients and scalable revenue from bigger business subscribers


Turn Key seamless program and no inventory, no hardware and easy sales training and easy introduction to customer prospects via customized YouTube videos


Broadens their geographic foot print of their fixed Grid to generate revenue from within and outside their traditional geographic jurisdiction which will appeal to their local taxpayers and ratepayers


Replaces declining revenue from lost subscribers churning out from ISPs and cable TV services


Uses the utilities’ asset of a captive subscriber base to become a “virtual mobile carrier” service immediately without $ millions of investment and adds a modernization to their brand. Also can be offered immediately as an employee benefit BYOD and procurement cellular savings for municipality or utility



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